boost em FPS to the MAX

Performance configs

  • ComangliaComs config - Comanglia updated according to mastercomfig
  • ComangliaComs conservative - Only minimum changes
  • chris' maxframes mastercoms edit - Changelog
  • mastercomfig, the most up to date config.

    Mods and VPKs - Some vpk mods can give a small boost in performance.


  • -dxlevel 80: The most buggy and unstable DX version. Not recommended.
  • -dxlevel 81: Gives the most raw FPS. Lacks DX9 optimizations. Weapon skins not supported. Rocket trails shorter and easier to see through.
  • -dxlevel 90: Shader model 2. Probably the best DX9 version for Intel graphics or REALLY outdated GPUs.
  • -dxlevel 95: Shader model 3. Recommended.
  • -dxlevel 98: DirectX 9 Extended. Tend to perform better than other DX9 version in high-end GPUs. It's also the prettiest.
    Perform benchmarks yourself to figure out what directx version is best for you. These are generally guidelines.
    Jungle Inferno benchmark

    Sage's recommended ergonomic keybinds (image)